Friday, December 23, 2011

It's only been two weeks this time!

I'm doing better!  Okay, in real life, not a whole hell of a lot has happened, but I'm watching the Avs-Lightning game (I LOVE that I can get Altitude on DirecTV!) and am apparently in a typing mood.

So, if you don't know... Actually, I don't want to start there.  We'll come back to this later.

So, I have started as a personal trainer.  I don't like it.  Before I gripe about it, however, let me own some of the blame.  I clearly didn't ask the right questions when going through the interview and hiring process, so I didn't have all of the information necessary to appropriately set my expectations.  I thought I'd have a more consistent schedule.  I thought I'd have more to do when I'm there.  I didn't realise that there would be days when I'd have two clients.... four hours apart.  I go to work for an hour and a half, leave for three, go back for another hour and a half.  I learned that I am to clock off between clients when my manager adjusted my time card to clock me off for time that I had been clocked in for, and been doing busy work in the club.  I am looking at this written down and wish I'd asked more questions.  In addition, the job itself is not nearly as... stimulating?  Exciting?  Rewarding?...  as I'd thought it would be.  I find my eyes wandering about the club when I'm with a client.  Looking at the way people are lifting, the cars passing outside, the clock, the TVs.    I already hate this post because it sounds like griping, and I don't mean for it to come off that way, but really, my current hope is that I will make back the money that the training cost me, then get back into the classroom.

I suppose I should address that (yes, I realise that I started a topic at the beginning and promised to return to it.  I still promise that).  I did get to spend four weeks in a sixth grade Lang Arts classroom.  It was incredible.  Goodness I miss teaching.  I want to get back to it.  I have a meeting next month with the HR Recruiter for one of the local school districts.  Evidently my name is attached to really positive reviews throughout that district at this point, so I'm anxious to find out what my next steps should be (I know I have to take the PRAXIS and take a Human Relations Training class to get my full NE license).  I have really enjoyed my time in the classrooms in this district, and I hope that by next fall, I can be teaching full time.  We shall see, however.

Okay, so sadly I will not be in CO for Christmas.  As a matter of fact, I probably won't be in Denver (aside from passing through) until the end of February.  I did, however, hold out so that I'd at least be in Grand Lake from my birthday through New Year's.  That means that I'll be in Denver long enough to be on I-76 and I-70.  I will also fly into Denver in early February for Boy's Weekend with Dad and Jay.

Okay, so awhile back, I said I was gonna add "Only in Nebraskas" to the end of my blog posts.  I managed to do that once, I think.  I am regularly reminded of this one however...

Many stoplights in and near the west side of Omaha have "Be Prepared to Stop" signs that are a couple hundred yards ahead of the stoplights.  I don't get it.  It's not like they're hidden stoplights.  In fact, the lights on the signs (yeap) start flashing just before the light turns to yellow.  I CAN SEE THE DAMN STOPLIGHT!  I'm sorry, I can't buy into this doing anything besides wasting resources.

That's all.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas (of Hanukkah) and New Year's with your family and friends.  I'll talk to you all soon after the break!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Okay, now that we're over that, I figured I'd update from a couple of posts.  Many of you know this, but now everyone can know.  As of one of my most recent posts, I was slated to start as a Personal Trainer for one of the 24 Hour Fitness locations here in O-town.  The day I was supposed to start, I actually started a long term sub position.  In a middle school.  Yeah.  So, prior to this job, I thought middle school kids were the devil and I had no interest in teaching at that level.  After nearly a month (four incomplete weeks) at Millard North Middle School teaching sixth grade Language Arts... I would have no problem teaching at the middle school level.  Wow.  I... I'm in shock at that last statement by me.  My former co-workers (both volleyball and teaching) have to realise what I'm saying here.  I was so anti-middle school, but I will be applying at MNMS in the event that I decide to apply for a full time teaching gig in the fall.  I suppose that is sort of a big announcement.... that I like Omaha enough that I want to be here.  Great town.

Okay, other news.  I posted specifically tonight because I've been feeling a bit of melancholy tonight.  Tis the season, and as my social life has been... slow to develop here... I have to admit to feeling a bit lonely.  While cocktail parties and holiday parties are hosted by my dear friends in Denver, I will be missing them.  I love O-town, don't get me wrong, but I dearly miss all of you right now.  I have no plans for the Christmas/Birthday/New Year's timeframe, but I'll do everything I can to come home come hell or high water.

Not a lot of great interest to add since the last post.  FINALLY had a measurable snow here.  Lots of stories, but thank goodness Markeya made it safely here... with some help!  It's interesting because I am baffled by Omahans' inability to drive in the snow.  Does it not snow often enough here?  Are cause/effect relationships hard to handle?  I don't get it.  Anywa, I played in, and won, a co-ed volleyball tournament on Sunday.  It was rad!  Went to one volleyball practice and landed two recruits.  Epic win.  

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season with family and friends.  I mostly posted to tell you all how much you mean to me, and how dearly I miss all of you in Colorado, or California, or any place else.  All of you who are taking the time to read this, I am so grateful for your continuing friendship and support.  I'd love to hear from you via text or email.  THANK YOU!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thoughts and Gratitude

I put a lot of thought into this... all year honestly.  I just decided to do this after reading Lotus' gratitude list yesterday.  There will be a gratitude list on the end of this.

It's always interested to reflect on the last 365.   A year ago, I knew I was doing this, but I had a romantic ideal of how smoothly this would go.  Clearly this was not to be the case!  It's been a little over a year since I was offered, and accepted, the position as the assistant volleyball coach at College of St. Mary here in O-town.  I knew I wanted to find a job here that would allow me to make volleyball my priority.  Did you know that if you don't have a job, it's very easy to work your schedule around coaching?  It is!

Oh, fun fact, I'm nearly through the year I get to be called 30.  I'm almost 31 years old.  It's interesting to be nearly 31 and not feel (at least in my head) any different than I did five, six, eight years ago. I guess it's probably not best, but I really don't know what the hell 30 is supposed to feel like.  I've joked people about my thinking that I am suddenly going to wake up and feel like a grown-up, but evidently, that's not about to happen.  It's okay, I don't think I need to feel grown-up so long as I act like a grown-up from time to time.

So, the question that's kinda in my head right now is this: "Does personal training truly combine my teaching experience and training with my recent turn toward health and fitness?"  I feel like it does, but maybe that's just a way for me to justify it...  That being said, I'm still super excited about starting this new chapter.

I didn't imagine when I lost my job at Fireside that I'd end up here.  Honestly, aside from David Day Harbaugh the Eye Vee, who among my CO people was less likely to move away from Colorado than I?  The funny thing is, I don't find myself home sick (though we'll see as we go through snowmobile seaso- I mean winter).  I do miss my people desperately though.  The best part is that the people I've met and known here have been amazing in helping make the transition easy.  Sadly, few of them are on here as fb friends, oddly.  And that sentence has too many adverbs, but I'm leaving it.  It's fine.

I am super happy I've done this.  While the volleyball season didn't go as I'd hoped that it would, I am gaining valuable experience and I hope that the career path I'm envisioning can work out.  Even if it doesn't, I finally did it.  I followed the dream.  While my dream of coaching college ball didn't involve a gym like CSM's, or being the bus driver (yeah, I have my commercial driver's license), there are so many aspects of it that blew away what I would have expected.  Getting to travel to a couple of places I'd never been, coaching at UNK (Even if we got MURDERED), and the whole recruiting process.  So amazing.  In addition to all of that, I really have enjoyed the state of Nebraska.  The people here are amazing.  I have to admit I haven't made a whole ton of friends, but I am finally starting work, and I am dating a pretty amazing girl. 

Actually, as I'm reflecting on all of this, I'm realising that I am feeling somewhat grown-up.  Weird.   

On to my Liist O'Gratitude:
  I have to start by being grateful to everyone who helped make this move possible.  First and foremost, Jake Nelson who gave up the first week of his summer to come to Colorado to help me pack up and move.  This is even more remarkable when you consider that he was 16 at the time.  He also spent the entire LAST WEEK of school at Hodgkins with me, working as a classroom volunteer.  He was incredible, and I just want him to know how much that meant.  Jake, you were amazing, and I am grateful for not only that, but the time we've gotten to hang here in O-town.  Oh, and I'm grateful for you BACKING INTO MY CAR!!!!  Wait, I mean washing my car that time.  
  Jeffro and Allie.  When you guys came over to help me pack up, it's clear that I wasn't even close to being ready.  The two of you were unspeakably helpful.  Your ongoing friendship means the world, even if I can't remember the joke, Jeff.
  Mike Fisher, my NASCAR and snowmobiling friend.  My move would have been nearly impossible if you hadn't not only loaned me your trailer, but then DROVE TO O-TOWN WITH ME!  You being here, playing golf, and drinking Coronas on my first night helped immensely and I am so grateful for your kindness.

  Dave and Linda Felber.  I am so deeply indebted to you I cannot ever, EVER repay you.  While I know it wasn't the situation any of us had hoped for, the two of you were WONDERFUL!  I fancy myself a wordsmith, but in reality, I can never put into words what your generosity has meant to me during this transition.  I am sorry that I haven't been great about staying in touch since I moved out.  I'll be better.
  Jenny, Scott, Alex and Reid Nelson.  Thank you for being my second homeless home!  I know it can be a bit of an inconvenience when I take up your basement, but I always felt welcome and at home.  I still do, and you've been super helpful in helping me settle in.
  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention to Dave, Linda and Jenny how grateful I am for the help moving and setting up the new place.  Dave's muscle was indispensible, and Jenny and Linda's eyes helped this place feel like a real grown-up lives here.

  Sam Hammond, thank you again for this opportunity.  While I know we weren't as successful as we wanted to be, it'll get better and we've got a great core of girls to build from.

  Amber Lotus Levene, thank you for posting gratitude lists, they inspired me to do the same.  Thank you for your long time friendship and ongoing friendship.  I'm sorry we missed each other when I was home last, but I'll see you whenever I make it back to Denver.

  RJ and Carrie De'Anor thank you SO much for swinging by O-town.  I had SO MUCH fun that night.  It's wonderful to have family swing by and lift ya up at just the right time.  Until that evening I had no idea how much I was missing you and I'm so glad that I was able to swing by when I was home for Mary and Brian's wedding.

Speaking of that wedding:
  Alana, thank you for your patience that night.  I know I was a bit of a handful, both at the beginning and end of the night, but there are few who I trust more than my sister to keep an eye on me.  I am so grateful that you have been a close friend for so many years, ans so glad that you humored me in my implusivity at the beginning of the evening.
  Mary and Brian, I'm just so grateful to have you as friends, and to be a part of your lives before and since you got together.  It was a wonderful, beautiful celebration, and I look forward to more great times with you both.
  Todd and Allyson, every time I am with you, and am struck by your kindness and positivity.  I am so grateful to be a part of your lives.

  Doug Haley, thanks for giving me a place to watch fireworks on the Fourth, and being a gracious host for Jamogars!  I am so glad to have you as a friend, even after everything went down at Fireside.  I hope you can find the time to come out at some point next summer so we can play golf and do the Jamogar thing.

 Navarrette, Redeker, Gregg, Marisa, and Courtney, it was wonderful to see you all at school, and going and grabbing a beer (even though I didn't have time...) was exactly what I needed after the way THAT day shaped up.  We had quite a hill to climb as colleagues together, and I am so glad that we have a lasting friendship to show for it, not to mention improving CSAP scores!  I am in awe of what you all do every day, and so grateful to have been a part of that, if only for a single school year.
  Fingers, it was really great to see you when I was at Hodgkins that day.  Thank you for everything you did for me that year there.
  Gould...  I can't put into words what it means to me that you took a chance... in spite of what my former boss said about me.  The community at Hodgkins felt SO good to be a part of.  I am proud as hell of what we accomplished at Hodgkins, and so grateful for the year that you helped me to have, along with the guidance and wisdom you gave me.
  BLATTER!  What else can I say to you?  Thank you for all the help you gave me, along with the friendship and sympathetic and supportive ear you always lent.

  Heather and Brian- You two are amazing.  I miss you two so much, and I am grateful for your friendship and love.  I miss you two and I hope that you will make the trip out here soon!

  Alex Sanders your friendship has meant so much to me through the years.  (Okay, I know we're not really friends, but let's keep the charade up! ;-) ).  I am sorry that your trip out here didn't work out, but I look forward to you coming out and seeing the place.  I am SO grateful that I mean enough to you that you want me to be a part of your marriage to Chris.  I've never seen you as content, happy, and completely yourself as you have been since the two of you started dating.  I am so happy for you, and grateful for your friendship!

  Jay and Whit.  Like so many on this list, the reasons I have to be grateful to/for you are innumerable and I just want you to know how much I love you both, and how grateful I am for your love and support.  We don't talk as often as we should, but every picture message I get with a picture of you or the girls brings a smile to my face, and makes me miss you again.

  Mom and Dad.  Mom and Dad...  I will never be able to tell you how much I love you and how much your love and support through the years has meant to me.  All the help and faith you have given me through the years has made me the man I am... even if it's not perfect!

  If I forgot to mention someone, I'm so sorry.  I know how long this note has gotten, and I know that many won't read the whole thing.  If I left you out, I'm sorry!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm not sure about this post, as I had a brilliant idea for how to write this, last night, while laying in bed...  We're still gonna try this.
It's funny cause I've kinda hit the big ol' button to reset things in O-town.  I am eligible to substitute teach in Millard Public Schools as of Monday, and will be rarin' to go by then.  There's also the possibility of me getting a long-term sub job after the first of the year, but I don't want to talk too much about that, as I've not even talked to the teacher and the principal about that, and have quite a bit I would need to do to make it happen.
In addition to the teaching bit, I have started toward my personal trainer certification.  I have an official start date for that.  It'll be an interesting new stage in my life, but I'm actually super excited.  I have tried in the last couple of years (courtesy of Elaine Rosquist) to keep myself in better shape than I've been in previously, and it's working, so I want to help others toward their goals.  In addition to that, it'll give me a schedule that's flexible to work with volleyball.  It's super rad...
This all allows me to get my place.  Yeap... my own place.  It's a funny story (kinda) because after all the time floating around town, trying to find a place, I'm ending up in the same complex that I originally wanted to move into.  It's a one bedroom/studio apartment.  They call it a studio, but it's really a one-bed with no door on the bedroom, and open tops on the bedroom walls.
Okay, that's it for today.  Just wanted to update you.
Only in Nebraska do the parking garages have a sign that says "park between the lines" with a car parked immediately in front of the sign... that parked OVER the lines.  I love my new state!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Welp, here we go again.  It's been a long time.  I'd claim I've been stupid busy, but not THAT stupid busy...
Season has begun.  We've had 13 matches.  We're 1-12 in those matches.  It sucks.  The worst part is, like my boss says, we are like lightning that's 10 miles off.  We're close.   We're close enough to scare some people, but we haven't struck just yet, except for Friday.  GOD we looked good on Friday.  I mean REALLY good.  Ran Peru State out of the gym, and then lost to a good Briar Cliff team in five sets.  We're making gains, but we're just not there yet.
There's really not a whole lot to report, otherwise.  Maybe that's why it's been awhile.  I am still on the job search, but starting to get some hits.  Right now, it looks like if I get my NASM Personal Trainer certification, I'll be landing a job at 24 Hour Fitness.  It also gives me the option to go elsewhere.  I figure it's one more thing in my repertoire that I have.  I am working on a head coaching gig, as well.  I'ma keep it on the low for now, though.
Mom and Dad were here for Labor Day weekend, they got to see a few CSM volleyball matches.  It was so wonderful to have them here.   I also saw Mom in Des Moines the weekend prior.  Volleyball is going to settle down a bit, with fewer tournaments, and I do have my subbing stuff in process.  Life keeps truckin' on.
I'll be in Colorado the 30th of September through about 7 am on the morning of October 3.  I have a wedding on the evening of the 30th, then am going to Grand Lake for the night of the 1st.   I hope to catch a few of you.  Also, if you're interested, my recollection of 9/11/01 is in a fb note here:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Season Starts

Originally, I was planning to post a blog called "Only in Nebraska" about the things that I've seen, heard or experienced that seem unique to this state.  However, between Alicia and I so far (yeah, haven't bounced this off a lot of people) the list is very short, so I'ma add one or two at the end of this blog, and probably keep it that way.
First things first, adventures at the bar.  As I mentioned earlier, there are storms the likes of which I've never seen in Colorado, and the third of those that I've experienced blew through here on Saturday night last week.  Now, my friend Nicole and I were planning on going to the beer garden at the Cox Classic (a Nationwide Tour golf tourney here in town).  Now, because of the storm, plans were modified, postponed and ultimately changed.  We ended up at a bar that shan't be named, and whilst sitting enjoying my drink, a dude and his girlfriend sat down next to me, or were sitting next to me, my situational awareness wasn't super good, and he asked, "You wanna have a threesome with me and my girl?"
Now, dear reader(s?), as this was my first time in this particular sitch, I thought it a joke, and was instantly uncomfortable and replied with a something like "No, thanks".  He was not joking, nor was he done.  He pushed it, I said, "I have a girlfriend, I don't think she'd be particularly happy with me."  Now, I think he thought my friend Nicole was my girlfriend, and so he asked if I'd rather it be she and I and his girl.  He didn't get it.  He started shopping the bar for a third member for his girl and I.  I...  I...  I finally had to look at him and go, "Look dude, my girlfriend's out of town, and I have ABSOLUTELY no interest in this."  He finally backed down, and this lovely couple...okay, those two... wandered off to, I assume, look for a willing participant.  It was weird.  I was uncomfortable.  It's hilarious in retrospect.  Like, really, REALLY?  The worst part is that I'm sure it worked at some point that night.
I'd say the rest of the night was uneventful, but as it was apparently "Jersey Shore" night at the bar that night, the 'roid heads were in full effect that night, and I was part of breaking up a fight, and watching a dude get tackled by the bouncers.  And biceps... holy biceps Batman.  It was ridiculous.  I've never seen so many people artificially (hair dye, botox, steroids) enhanced in one place in my life.  It was funny, but I don't really see myself swingin' back through there any time soon.
Like I mentioned, season starts today.  I have the team meeting and physicals at 4:30 and six o'clock today.  Tomorrow we start two-a-days that go every day but Sundays until the 23rd.  I am super-excited just to get back to work.  It's been a bit discouraging (still full time jobless) and I've had a LOT of days where I do next to nothing.  I'm working on getting my lazy behind in shape for a 15k run in Lincoln in October.  It didn't start off well, but it's getting better.
I'd like to make a recommendation to y'all which you can take, or leave, but I have started doing yoga (not the recommendation) every other day, using an app on my phone.  It's called Pocket Yoga.  I got it off the Amazon AppStore (if you don't have it, get it, a paid app for free every day) and it actually works great.
Okay, just so we can talk about the job search.  I had a couple of things I got excited about, but then it went to hell.  By went to hell, I mean the trails went totally cold.  Granted, I am still waiting to get paid by UNK for the camps I worked there, so that helps. I am going to drive for most of the volleyball trips, which is $$, and I will be the shuttle driver on campus for as long as they need me.  I have my paperwork in and am waiting on my substitute teaching license to come back, but it's disheartening to not even get calls for interviews from places like Starbucks and Scooters.  It's weird.  My aunt and uncle are phenomenal, however (have I made mention of that?) and it's a great situation for me here.
Finally, there is a bit of excitement in that Hastings College has an opening for their head coach.  They former coach resigned less than two weeks ago, and I emailed the AD at the school to inquire about the job.  I have connections with well-known and well-respected college coaches round this great state and the AD wrote back and invited me to apply.  OBVIOUSLY, the cart is still in the shed, so I can't put it in front of the horse.  I am really excited to get this season under my belt and then see if I can make something happen in Hastings.
I know a lot of my friends in the teaching profession are going back to work right now.  While I have a bit of a sense of loss at not going back this year (and desperately missing many of my former colleagues), I know you're fighting the good fight, and I feel so blessed to have you all in my life. Good luck this year, and know I'm thinking of you as you meet all those shining new faces!
Last bit.  Only in Nebraska are the gas stations called "Fantasy's" while the premier sex shop is called "Doctor John's".

Sunday, July 24, 2011

So... It's Been Awhile. I'm Sorry.

  I know it's been awhile, so I'll make up for my lack of blogging by leaving you with a profound sense of... meh... at the end of this blog.  So, this picture, you have to look kinda close at to see what it is, but it's the front of my car.  My cousin backed into it in the driveway.  The ridiculous thing is how much damage was done at such a low speed.  I dealt with driving this car like this for two weeks (honestly, a lot of time on the motorcycle, and I borrowed my aunt's car for the trip to Kearney a couple weeks ago.  Have I mentioned that my aunt and uncle rock?!) and then the danged body shop did a pretty poor job of getting it back to me, and communicating with me.  Nonetheless, it's done, I love my car, it looks great again.
  Other news.  It's effing hot here.  It's ridiculous.  Can we get some representatives in congress working on this.  I went to Harry Potter 7 Pt. 2 the other night, and leaving the show at 11:00, it was 95 degrees.  At 11:00 PM.  Who's idea is this?!  WHY IS THIS LEGAL?!  Now, y'all know my aversion to humidity (and no, I don't wanna hear about how miserable the winters will be, I need to get through August, first), so this is SOMEWHAT miserable.  Actually, it's just been this last week, so I'm being a bit overdramatic, but it's still awful.  The nice thing is that my cousin Jenny has a good friend who has a backyard pool, so I'm now more tan than I've ever been.
  Which leads me to an unrelated point, the job search is slow.  This is, surely, due to the fact that I haven't been looking as hard as I should be, but we're starting the search in earnest tomorrow.  Like I said before, I can certainly fall back on subbing, which I'm very happy to be doing.  Coaching's going well, life's really pretty good!
  This coming weekend, OKOBOJI!  Been to Kearney twice for volleyball camps, been spending time in Lincoln.  Life's good.  I had a great time being home over the 4th of July.  I'm sorry if I didn't see you when I was there.  I will be back the weekend of September 30th (Brian and Mary are getting all married and junk).  It will likely be a short weekend, Friday eve-Sunday, but I hope to see some of you. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Omaha Doesn't Suck at All!

First things first.  If you're reading this, and you don't know, or don't realise how bad it is, the flooding here along the Missouri is ridiculous.  It's straight scary.  The way that I-29 is sandbagged at some points, it's literally water higher than the road.  Keep those who are affected by the flooding in your thoughts and prayers.  I am NOT affected by it, as we are WELL (15 miles) west of the Missouri here, and the Platte is not really a threat.  Like at all.
So.. when I bought my new car, I didn't realise that I was purchasing the official car of Omaha.  We all know that the Xterra is the official sport utility of Colorado, but holy hell.  I see more G6s here than I saw Subarus in Boulder.  And I mean ALL Subies.  It's ridiculous.  I swear that O-town bought 25% of G6s sold... worldwide.
Regards the job search.  It's... it's a search.  I have the opportunity to become an adjunct professor at CSM, but it's just one class (can't live off it) and conflicts with my volleyball schedule.  It looks like I'll be substitute teaching.  Life goes on.
I keep driving, walking, wandering, whatevs, around town and seeing thing I think are HILARIOUS and I want on my blog... and then I get on here and forget.  Like the title says, Omaha doesn't suck at all.  I am really digging this town.  I know I said this last time, but I have to say it again.  My aunt and uncle are ABSOLUTELY amazing.  I know I'm a bit of a burden, living in their basement, but they are such wonderful, gracious hosts.  Thank you Dave and Linda Felber!
I'll try to have more exciting posts.  The humidity sucks, but the weather's mostly been pretty tollable.  I have seen the most incredible storms that I've ever experienced.  Literally had two rapture level storms on Sunday night.  Been a LONG time since I was nervous during a storm like I was... twice... on Sunday night/ Monday early morning.  Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Settled in...ish?!

So, I've learned three things (well, three big things) since I moved.  Oh, and they're not really that big.
1)  It is not supposed to be 100 here in June.  It was UNGODLY hot and humid Monday and Tuesday, backed up with wind on Tuesday.  Now, when it is muggy and hot, the wind only adds to the misery, it doesn't cool you off the way it does in a place like Colorado where it's not as humid.  Since then, the weather's been really pleasant.
2)  The Missouri is not messing around when it comes to flooding.  Most of the country's been hearing about the Mississippi flooding, and I know that's bad, but parts of I-29 are now under water, and there is a serious danger of entire TOWNS underwater here in the Heartland.  I know I'll get called out by some for this, but I am going to jump in with both feet and call myself an Omahan, and it's bad, especially in Council Bluffs.
3)  My aunt and uncle are amazing.  Now, I knew this in advance, but their hospitality and kindness has exceeded even my astronomical expectations.  Dave and Linda, thank you.  You have made the transition to my new life in Omaha super easy.  I already feel like I'm so indebted to you that I will not be able to repay you possibly ever.

On to other things.  My life thus far has been busy, but great.  I went and played a round of golf on Monday with Mike Fisher and my uncle.  I played, predictably, terrible.  However, my last hole (a par four) was a birdie!  That was very exciting, and Mike and Dave would like me to point THAT bit out, not that I played terribly.  Mike left after lunch, and I'd be remiss if I didn't thank HIM for the help with the move.  Allowed me to save a ridiculous amount of money by letting me use his truck and trailer.  We made it successfully and safely.   I also have to thank Jake Nelson, Allie Enney and Jeff Robertson for their help with packing on Saturday.  If it hadn't been for you three, I'd have lost my damn mind.  Your help means the world to me, as does your friendship.

The rest of the week?  Volleyball.  OMG, I love this job.  This was SUCH a good call for me.  I've been on Cloud Nine (BTW, who decided that cloud nine was the apex of clouds?!) every time I'm in the gym at CSM. I still, definitely, know that this was the right call for me.  I miss everyone and everything in Colorado desperately, though I've not felt sorrow nor have I felt home sick... yet.  I'll update you if I do.

I went to Wicked last night.  For the third time.  What a show.  It was great, again.  That's not really the news though.  The news is that when we left, it was POURING rain.  Y'all, the midwest does NOT mess around with the rain storms.  In a block and a half SPRINT, I was totally soaked.  Like, through my clothes.  It was ridiculous, but also awesome.  Love storms like that. 

Dang... I was really hoping to be funnier.  I guess nothing hilarious has happened.  Life's good here, it really is... aside from the utter lack of sleep I'm dealing with.  I'ma sleep big tonight.  I will sleep my ass off, haha!  I am planning on being back in Denver on July 4th weekend, prolly like the night of June 30-July 4 or 5.  I will see many of you then!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First of the Lasts

So, the lasts have begun.
They suck.
I knew I would miss this state and the people who are so much a part of my life here.  I just didn't realise how much the "lasts" would hurt.  The first last was with Mom, Dad and Alana for Mom's birthday.  While that was a hard last, I know I'll see them again, they're not going away.  The last with Legacy Volleyball last night was hard.  I may not see those girls again.  Legacy was a huge part of my life.
This weekend will have one of the hardest lasts, because it's a double.  I will be eating dinner at Caroline's in Grand Lake for the last time as a Colorado resident, but it's also the last time I'll be eating there, because it's changing hands.  Caroline's has been part of my family's life for quite some time, but especially so since 2004 when we bought the condo.  I guess it's a triple, as it'll be my last trip to Grand Lake as a Colorado resident.
More than anything, I find myself reflecting on the things I'll be leaving behind.  The people, places and things that have been such a big, and amazing part of my life. 
Thank you to all of you who are taking the time to read this, it means a great deal to me to have you in my life. 
As an additional note, please keep the Giggey family of Ronnie, Michele and Nick in your prayers, if you're so inclined, and thoughts this weekend.  Nick was seriously injured by an IED while serving our country.  He was seriously injured, but is expected to recover.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Greetings Y'all!

Hey!  Thanks for swinging by.  This is the place where I'll be keeping folks up to date with the goings on, with my life, in Omaha.  Yeap, this post is short because I'm still working on getting everything here straightened out and whatnot.  The move's more than a bit stressful, but life goes on!  Talk to you all soon!