Thursday, December 8, 2011


Okay, now that we're over that, I figured I'd update from a couple of posts.  Many of you know this, but now everyone can know.  As of one of my most recent posts, I was slated to start as a Personal Trainer for one of the 24 Hour Fitness locations here in O-town.  The day I was supposed to start, I actually started a long term sub position.  In a middle school.  Yeah.  So, prior to this job, I thought middle school kids were the devil and I had no interest in teaching at that level.  After nearly a month (four incomplete weeks) at Millard North Middle School teaching sixth grade Language Arts... I would have no problem teaching at the middle school level.  Wow.  I... I'm in shock at that last statement by me.  My former co-workers (both volleyball and teaching) have to realise what I'm saying here.  I was so anti-middle school, but I will be applying at MNMS in the event that I decide to apply for a full time teaching gig in the fall.  I suppose that is sort of a big announcement.... that I like Omaha enough that I want to be here.  Great town.

Okay, other news.  I posted specifically tonight because I've been feeling a bit of melancholy tonight.  Tis the season, and as my social life has been... slow to develop here... I have to admit to feeling a bit lonely.  While cocktail parties and holiday parties are hosted by my dear friends in Denver, I will be missing them.  I love O-town, don't get me wrong, but I dearly miss all of you right now.  I have no plans for the Christmas/Birthday/New Year's timeframe, but I'll do everything I can to come home come hell or high water.

Not a lot of great interest to add since the last post.  FINALLY had a measurable snow here.  Lots of stories, but thank goodness Markeya made it safely here... with some help!  It's interesting because I am baffled by Omahans' inability to drive in the snow.  Does it not snow often enough here?  Are cause/effect relationships hard to handle?  I don't get it.  Anywa, I played in, and won, a co-ed volleyball tournament on Sunday.  It was rad!  Went to one volleyball practice and landed two recruits.  Epic win.  

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season with family and friends.  I mostly posted to tell you all how much you mean to me, and how dearly I miss all of you in Colorado, or California, or any place else.  All of you who are taking the time to read this, I am so grateful for your continuing friendship and support.  I'd love to hear from you via text or email.  THANK YOU!!!!!

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