Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Season Starts

Originally, I was planning to post a blog called "Only in Nebraska" about the things that I've seen, heard or experienced that seem unique to this state.  However, between Alicia and I so far (yeah, haven't bounced this off a lot of people) the list is very short, so I'ma add one or two at the end of this blog, and probably keep it that way.
First things first, adventures at the bar.  As I mentioned earlier, there are storms the likes of which I've never seen in Colorado, and the third of those that I've experienced blew through here on Saturday night last week.  Now, my friend Nicole and I were planning on going to the beer garden at the Cox Classic (a Nationwide Tour golf tourney here in town).  Now, because of the storm, plans were modified, postponed and ultimately changed.  We ended up at a bar that shan't be named, and whilst sitting enjoying my drink, a dude and his girlfriend sat down next to me, or were sitting next to me, my situational awareness wasn't super good, and he asked, "You wanna have a threesome with me and my girl?"
Now, dear reader(s?), as this was my first time in this particular sitch, I thought it a joke, and was instantly uncomfortable and replied with a something like "No, thanks".  He was not joking, nor was he done.  He pushed it, I said, "I have a girlfriend, I don't think she'd be particularly happy with me."  Now, I think he thought my friend Nicole was my girlfriend, and so he asked if I'd rather it be she and I and his girl.  He didn't get it.  He started shopping the bar for a third member for his girl and I.  I...  I...  I finally had to look at him and go, "Look dude, my girlfriend's out of town, and I have ABSOLUTELY no interest in this."  He finally backed down, and this lovely couple...okay, those two... wandered off to, I assume, look for a willing participant.  It was weird.  I was uncomfortable.  It's hilarious in retrospect.  Like, really, REALLY?  The worst part is that I'm sure it worked at some point that night.
I'd say the rest of the night was uneventful, but as it was apparently "Jersey Shore" night at the bar that night, the 'roid heads were in full effect that night, and I was part of breaking up a fight, and watching a dude get tackled by the bouncers.  And biceps... holy biceps Batman.  It was ridiculous.  I've never seen so many people artificially (hair dye, botox, steroids) enhanced in one place in my life.  It was funny, but I don't really see myself swingin' back through there any time soon.
Like I mentioned, season starts today.  I have the team meeting and physicals at 4:30 and six o'clock today.  Tomorrow we start two-a-days that go every day but Sundays until the 23rd.  I am super-excited just to get back to work.  It's been a bit discouraging (still full time jobless) and I've had a LOT of days where I do next to nothing.  I'm working on getting my lazy behind in shape for a 15k run in Lincoln in October.  It didn't start off well, but it's getting better.
I'd like to make a recommendation to y'all which you can take, or leave, but I have started doing yoga (not the recommendation) every other day, using an app on my phone.  It's called Pocket Yoga.  I got it off the Amazon AppStore (if you don't have it, get it, a paid app for free every day) and it actually works great.
Okay, just so we can talk about the job search.  I had a couple of things I got excited about, but then it went to hell.  By went to hell, I mean the trails went totally cold.  Granted, I am still waiting to get paid by UNK for the camps I worked there, so that helps. I am going to drive for most of the volleyball trips, which is $$, and I will be the shuttle driver on campus for as long as they need me.  I have my paperwork in and am waiting on my substitute teaching license to come back, but it's disheartening to not even get calls for interviews from places like Starbucks and Scooters.  It's weird.  My aunt and uncle are phenomenal, however (have I made mention of that?) and it's a great situation for me here.
Finally, there is a bit of excitement in that Hastings College has an opening for their head coach.  They former coach resigned less than two weeks ago, and I emailed the AD at the school to inquire about the job.  I have connections with well-known and well-respected college coaches round this great state and the AD wrote back and invited me to apply.  OBVIOUSLY, the cart is still in the shed, so I can't put it in front of the horse.  I am really excited to get this season under my belt and then see if I can make something happen in Hastings.
I know a lot of my friends in the teaching profession are going back to work right now.  While I have a bit of a sense of loss at not going back this year (and desperately missing many of my former colleagues), I know you're fighting the good fight, and I feel so blessed to have you all in my life. Good luck this year, and know I'm thinking of you as you meet all those shining new faces!
Last bit.  Only in Nebraska are the gas stations called "Fantasy's" while the premier sex shop is called "Doctor John's".

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