Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm not sure about this post, as I had a brilliant idea for how to write this, last night, while laying in bed...  We're still gonna try this.
It's funny cause I've kinda hit the big ol' button to reset things in O-town.  I am eligible to substitute teach in Millard Public Schools as of Monday, and will be rarin' to go by then.  There's also the possibility of me getting a long-term sub job after the first of the year, but I don't want to talk too much about that, as I've not even talked to the teacher and the principal about that, and have quite a bit I would need to do to make it happen.
In addition to the teaching bit, I have started toward my personal trainer certification.  I have an official start date for that.  It'll be an interesting new stage in my life, but I'm actually super excited.  I have tried in the last couple of years (courtesy of Elaine Rosquist) to keep myself in better shape than I've been in previously, and it's working, so I want to help others toward their goals.  In addition to that, it'll give me a schedule that's flexible to work with volleyball.  It's super rad...
This all allows me to get my place.  Yeap... my own place.  It's a funny story (kinda) because after all the time floating around town, trying to find a place, I'm ending up in the same complex that I originally wanted to move into.  It's a one bedroom/studio apartment.  They call it a studio, but it's really a one-bed with no door on the bedroom, and open tops on the bedroom walls.
Okay, that's it for today.  Just wanted to update you.
Only in Nebraska do the parking garages have a sign that says "park between the lines" with a car parked immediately in front of the sign... that parked OVER the lines.  I love my new state!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Welp, here we go again.  It's been a long time.  I'd claim I've been stupid busy, but not THAT stupid busy...
Season has begun.  We've had 13 matches.  We're 1-12 in those matches.  It sucks.  The worst part is, like my boss says, we are like lightning that's 10 miles off.  We're close.   We're close enough to scare some people, but we haven't struck just yet, except for Friday.  GOD we looked good on Friday.  I mean REALLY good.  Ran Peru State out of the gym, and then lost to a good Briar Cliff team in five sets.  We're making gains, but we're just not there yet.
There's really not a whole lot to report, otherwise.  Maybe that's why it's been awhile.  I am still on the job search, but starting to get some hits.  Right now, it looks like if I get my NASM Personal Trainer certification, I'll be landing a job at 24 Hour Fitness.  It also gives me the option to go elsewhere.  I figure it's one more thing in my repertoire that I have.  I am working on a head coaching gig, as well.  I'ma keep it on the low for now, though.
Mom and Dad were here for Labor Day weekend, they got to see a few CSM volleyball matches.  It was so wonderful to have them here.   I also saw Mom in Des Moines the weekend prior.  Volleyball is going to settle down a bit, with fewer tournaments, and I do have my subbing stuff in process.  Life keeps truckin' on.
I'll be in Colorado the 30th of September through about 7 am on the morning of October 3.  I have a wedding on the evening of the 30th, then am going to Grand Lake for the night of the 1st.   I hope to catch a few of you.  Also, if you're interested, my recollection of 9/11/01 is in a fb note here: