Friday, June 10, 2011

Settled in...ish?!

So, I've learned three things (well, three big things) since I moved.  Oh, and they're not really that big.
1)  It is not supposed to be 100 here in June.  It was UNGODLY hot and humid Monday and Tuesday, backed up with wind on Tuesday.  Now, when it is muggy and hot, the wind only adds to the misery, it doesn't cool you off the way it does in a place like Colorado where it's not as humid.  Since then, the weather's been really pleasant.
2)  The Missouri is not messing around when it comes to flooding.  Most of the country's been hearing about the Mississippi flooding, and I know that's bad, but parts of I-29 are now under water, and there is a serious danger of entire TOWNS underwater here in the Heartland.  I know I'll get called out by some for this, but I am going to jump in with both feet and call myself an Omahan, and it's bad, especially in Council Bluffs.
3)  My aunt and uncle are amazing.  Now, I knew this in advance, but their hospitality and kindness has exceeded even my astronomical expectations.  Dave and Linda, thank you.  You have made the transition to my new life in Omaha super easy.  I already feel like I'm so indebted to you that I will not be able to repay you possibly ever.

On to other things.  My life thus far has been busy, but great.  I went and played a round of golf on Monday with Mike Fisher and my uncle.  I played, predictably, terrible.  However, my last hole (a par four) was a birdie!  That was very exciting, and Mike and Dave would like me to point THAT bit out, not that I played terribly.  Mike left after lunch, and I'd be remiss if I didn't thank HIM for the help with the move.  Allowed me to save a ridiculous amount of money by letting me use his truck and trailer.  We made it successfully and safely.   I also have to thank Jake Nelson, Allie Enney and Jeff Robertson for their help with packing on Saturday.  If it hadn't been for you three, I'd have lost my damn mind.  Your help means the world to me, as does your friendship.

The rest of the week?  Volleyball.  OMG, I love this job.  This was SUCH a good call for me.  I've been on Cloud Nine (BTW, who decided that cloud nine was the apex of clouds?!) every time I'm in the gym at CSM. I still, definitely, know that this was the right call for me.  I miss everyone and everything in Colorado desperately, though I've not felt sorrow nor have I felt home sick... yet.  I'll update you if I do.

I went to Wicked last night.  For the third time.  What a show.  It was great, again.  That's not really the news though.  The news is that when we left, it was POURING rain.  Y'all, the midwest does NOT mess around with the rain storms.  In a block and a half SPRINT, I was totally soaked.  Like, through my clothes.  It was ridiculous, but also awesome.  Love storms like that. 

Dang... I was really hoping to be funnier.  I guess nothing hilarious has happened.  Life's good here, it really is... aside from the utter lack of sleep I'm dealing with.  I'ma sleep big tonight.  I will sleep my ass off, haha!  I am planning on being back in Denver on July 4th weekend, prolly like the night of June 30-July 4 or 5.  I will see many of you then!

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