Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Year Later

*Glances around shamefully*  So, it's been way WAY too long since I last blogged.  I'm sorry loyal reader(s). I hope this one is funny, informative, entertaining, and not too long.  Guys, the second to last paragraph is very important for you to read.  Girls, skip it.

I have put this one off for no particular reason, but it just happens to fall on the day of the anniversary of my move to Omaha.  So, here's the thing, this is a somewhat remarkable day for me.  My Colorado people will tell you that, outside of David Day Harbaugh the Eye Vee, I was the least likely person to move from Colorado.  I was kinda the prototypical Colorado guy.  I like outside.  I love my mountains.  I have the most amazing group of friends a man in his 30s could hope for.  (Side track, I meant to say HAD, but my fingers typed have.  That tells you something).  The opportunity to help the College of St. Mary volleyball program return to NAIA prominence was too much for me to pass up, thus I moved to Nebraska.  Like we've already talked about, it was an easier move than I'd expected it to be, and a year later, I STILL really dig Omaha!

I won't give you the run down of what's happened since I moved here.  It's been hella crazy.  Many of you know the details, but I still love it here!  I will catch you up on some happenings since my last post, however.  I am currently looking for full-time teaching in the fall, but just (kinda) fell into a chance to work with former Husker great Calvin Jones in multiple different capacities for his companies.  Right now it looks like I will be helping him sell both his Forever a Husker gear, as well as space on his new website, Menupedia.  It's a long story, but those of you who remember my issues last year with trying to land a job with him, he has actually offered me something this year, not "let's keep in touch".  It's not full time, but hell, I'd be working with a Husker... actually many Huskers, most likely!  His vision for the company is pretty solid, so I kinda like the idea.
I ran a 10k by myself on Memorial Day.  It took me 53 (52.. hell if I remember) minutes.  Felt great.
Keya and I attended our first wedding as a couple.  It. Was...awful...  Wait, I'll redact that.  It was tedious.  As hell.  Holy Jebus.  Okay, so let me break this down for you.  There was NO ALCOHOL OR DANCING! Now, I won't bore everyone with the details of the wedding.  Actually, the ceremony was good, but after that...  Not so much.  I know the bride and groom won't read this, but I don't want this to be an indictment because I am so grateful to have been one of the few who shared in their day, but... BUT...  People who are the bride and groom, understand that the people who are there are SO happy for you, but we need activities.  Yes, booze is necessary!  Not to sound like an alcoholic, but the reason a LOT of people come to weddings is the excuse to get a little loose!  We literally spent the two hours post-ceremony sitting.  Yeah.

*Girls, I understand you skipped directly to this paragraph, before you read anything else.  Why can't you follow rules?  I am already re-thinking typing this.*  Gentlemen, this paragraph is for you.  Girls are right.  We should share our feelings.  Ugh, this hurts just to type.  I'll give you the story.  I was in Wood River with Keya and her family, and she could tell that I was down.  She badgered me (verb win) into telling her what was going on.  I finally told her.  I felt better.  Okay, that's really all that happened, and and the verb badger makes her sound meaner than she actually was.  I just liked that verb.  Now, for the record, I am sharing with her more than I've ever shared with a woman.  It's ridiculous how easy I find her to talk to.  Those of you who HAVEN'T picked up on it, I'm beyond twitterpated with this woman.  She's amazing.  Anyway, guys, it's really worth actually sharing... from time to time... I felt much, much better. It was kind of a revelation for me.  Stupid girls, knowing more about human relationships than us.

Okay girls, welcome back.  Yes, I'm pretending you didn't read the paragraph you weren't supposed to.  Anyway, we come to the end of this blog.  Thanks, again, for reading all!  Happy summer!  Stay cool and safe!

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