Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nitty Gritty Update

So, I suppose part of my M.O. since I moved out here has been posting only when big things go down.  This is not one of those times.  I figured there are a few nitty gritty things that have been going on that I just wanna throw out there.

I ran 5K in 25:00 yesterday.  My training has been happening by accident.  It's actually freakin' weird.  Now, the girlfriend has been pushing me, both intentionally and otherwise, and I have to admit I've never looked or felt any better.  Granted, since becoming a personal trainer, I've more of an idea of how to do it than I would have in the past, but I also have cause to push it.  We are running the FlatOut 5k at FlatIron Crossing when we're in Colorado for Wicked in May.  I will out run her.

So, I called Southwest Rapid Rewards yesterday.  I figured I had enough points to at least get a decent price on a ticket.  Frankly, I didn't want to drive for just a weekend.  I wanted to fly.  It's usually cheaper/as cheap to fly, but with two people, that would clearly not be the case.  Here's where the fun begins.  It turns out that I had a free round trip issued in 2010 that I had let expire... cause I didn't know about it!  For $50 bucks, reactivated!  I also had more than enough points for another free ticket!  So for $50 (plus airport fees) Markeya and I are flying back for the weekend in Denver.  Thank goodness!  We get in on Thursday night and leave on Monday morning.  Oh, I supposed I should tell you that our tickets are for May 12.  You all do the math!

I will ALSO be in Colorado around the 10th of June.  I am driving a car in circles at Pikes Peak on that Sunday morning courtesy of my incredible friends!  I'm excited to do it!!  Additionally, I'll be in Colorado for sure the 9th - 12th of July for a volleyball camp at Regis U.  And then again around August 4th for Alex Sanders's wedding.  I don't know how much time I'll spend around those dates at home, but I intend to spend some time there.

The weather here has continued to be gorgeous.  Winter skipped us.  It sucked, but I'm definitely ready for summer right now.  It's weird...  This is going to be a wicked mean tease though, as the bugs are not a part of the equation yet.  It has been BEAUTIFUL here, riding the bike to school the last two days.  It's awesome!

Okay, I suppose I should tell you about the girlfriend (granted, many of you already know).  We've been dating since October and she is AMAZING!  For starters, she is the most motivated, driven person I've ever known.  Did I mention that she's incredible.  She is freakin' brilliant and, like I said, the catalyst for me changing my work out habits.  Of course she is beautiful.  Oh, I should tell you we met coaching at the UNK volleyball camps (yeah, I was dating someone else).  I love this woman a LOT.  She will be back in Colorado for Wicked with me as well as at the Regis camps.  Wow, that sentence is awkward, but I want to leave it there.  I hope you all had to read it twice to make sense of it... or just because I talked about how awkward it is.  ANYWAYS, just wanted to throw that little bit out there.

Okay, I think that's it.  I did get to see some of the amazing migrations that take place in Central Nebraska with waterfowl and the cranes.  It was something remarkable to see.

Also, volleyball has somewhat taken over my life like I didn't intend it to.  I blame Keya (baha!) because i have this weird thing where I want to spend time with her, and she coaches a 16s team.  Oh, and I was in Colorado a couple of weeks ago for Colorado Crossroads volleyball tournament.

Okay, nothing else, I don't have an "Only in Nebraska" today.  I'll catch you all laters.

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