Saturday, February 25, 2012

A day (month) late and a dollar (or a few) short...

... So nothing's changed.

I have to rant for a hot second.  I sorta did it on fb the other day, and I know it's late, but I have to monologue about the Whitney Houston stuff.  I know it's late, but I also haven't really had time to get on my computron of late... at least not long enough to blog.  Here's my problem.  Whitney was treated by millions of Americans (and many parts of the media) as nearly infallible.  She made the choices that led, ultimately, to her early passing.  Now, don't get me wrong, I think it's terribly tragic, especially seeing as she has a daughter emerging into adulthood, needing a role model.  And truly, it's tragic any time that a life is cut short, but Whitney made choices to use illicit drugs (which ones are up for debate) and whether or not any are found in her system upon her passing, that habit most likely was part of the cause.  I'll be shocked if she was clean.  As Americans, we love to forget the terrible things that a person did, or the fact that they just weren't good people (Al Davis) all because they died.  We raise them to the level of hero.
I want to tell you about some of my heroes.  Mikeal Hocevar chooses to protect the people of Shafter, CA as a police officer.  My dad, Gene Peteranetz, made the same choice as a reserve sheriff's officer for years in Boulder County.  Daniel Hunter and his dad, John, served as volunteer firefighters in Lafayette, CO.  So did John Happs.  Matthew Sanderson served in our military protecting us overseas and now serves as a sheriff's deputy in Boulder County.  Jessica Freeman is still serving in Korea.  Dave Shafer protected us by serving in the armed forces.  The Giggey boys have been in the military and/or police officers.  Ben Rouley is in the Air Force.  These people are heroes.  I am so grateful that I can count them as friends, and even more grateful for the choices that they've made to selflessly serve the rest of us, often thanklessly.  Thank you, all of you.  I know I may not have that information 100% correct, and if you are reading this and have served in the military or as a cop, firefighter or rescue personnel, please let me know, and I will rectify whatever mistakes or omissions I've made in this blog.

Okay.  Most of you know this, but as this blog has been my official/unofficial sounding board for announcing big changes, I'll put it on my blog that I GOT A REAL BOY TEACHING JOB!  I am teaching 2nd grade at Neihardt Elementary here in O-town.  The job is (wait... was... I took it.  It's not available any more) available because the teacher who was in that position went on maternity leave and then decided not to come back.  The long term sub couldn't stay in the position for whatever reason.  I have it now!  I started a friggen month ago, and now I am blogging about it.  OOPS!  It's been phenomenal, and yet another reason that I continue to feel so blessed about my move to Omaha, and am 100% positive that this was the right move for me.

Okay (new goal, start the rest of the paragraphs in this blog with "Okay".  Goal accomplished if this is the last one...).  I have to ask... WHERE IS WINTER?!  It's nearly spring already, and it's as though winter just left Omaha off its winter itinerary.  WTF?!  As a lover of winter, I feel like a jilted... well... lover.  Welp, that sentence didn't go like I'd hoped.  Oh well.  Anyway.  I WANT WINTER!  I rode the motorcycle last month, and in December.  That's not entirely true.  We've had a couple of solid snow storms, but many nights, the overnight low hasn't even made it below freezing.  Now, certain people who are in the room with me RIGHT NOW will tell me that it's fine.  She'll tell me that we could go without winter any way, but she's WRONG!  And pretty.  She's wrong, but pretty.  Holy side track Batman.

Okay.  I was hoping to close this out being funnier, but I got nothing funny right now.  OH!  My new favorite thing is my 4" memory foam mattress topper.  Epic win.   My bed FTW now.  It's SOO comfy.  And also a little warmer than I usually like.  It's okay though.  I approve.

(Okay) Thanks again for reading this.  Hope this blog finds you all well.  I'll be in Colorado next weekend recruiting at the Colorado Crossroads volleyball tournament.  I might well have time to hang with a few of you, so lemme know.  LATE!

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